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About Linekin Bay Woodworkers

Founded in 1993 on a tradition of hard work, a passion for details and a unique standard, Linekin Bay Woodworkers has been a model in the midcoast region for its custom cabinetry and restorations. Most well-known for their restoration of the oldest house on North Haven, Linekin Bay Woodworkers was able to modernize the house while maintaining much of its original 18th-century style. Founder and president Joseph Jose brings thirty years of experience and passion to each project and has always delivered a high-quality product to the exact specifications of each customer.

Beginning his career as a yacht builder for Paul Luke in 1976, Joseph later began learning the craft of furniture making in 1985 from master woodworker and furniture maker Anthony Giagetti. Since then Joseph has built excellent working relationships with many of the local naval and home architects.

Over the past two decades, Linekin Bay Woodworkers has chosen to remain a small business and enjoys bringing a personal feel and focus to each project. During the production process clients are invited to come and observe the evolution of their project as well as engage Joseph Jose about the art of woodworking.

We invite you to look through these pages and see just a glimpse into the world of Linekin Bay Woodworkers, Inc and all the fine work they have done for clients over the years.